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The Committee for Judge O'Donnell sincerely appreciates contributions of any amount. Contributions can be submitted via CREDIT CARD at the PayPal link below (no PayPal account is required. Just skip the "account set-up" steps).  Or contributors can MAIL A CHECK to: 211 South Fifth Street, Columbus, OH 43215.  Make checks payable to "The Committee for Judge O'Donnell." 

We THANK YOU for your support!

The Committee for Judge O'Donnell does not accept contributions from employees of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court.  Any employee who is inadvertently solicited should disregard the invitation to financially support this committee.  Under state law, the maximum an individual may contribute to a campaign committee is $1300 per judicial candidate per election cycle, and a PAC or Law Firm may contribute up to $3,800 per judicial candidate per election cycle.  Corporate contributions are prohibited.

The maximum contribution to this race is $1,300 per person or $2,600  per couple. PACs and LLCs may contribute up to $3,800. 

Contributions are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes. Corporate contributions cannot be accepted.

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